We are hiring a Business & Management Analyst

POSITION:                 Business & Management Analyst




  1. Design, process and track transition from a family-operated company to a professional, controlled organization with several branches across Michigan;
  2. Interview personnel and conduct on-site observations to determine and evaluate business processes;
  3. Assess existing back-office procedures, identify inefficiencies, and create a plan to overhaul existing structure and implement tracking metrics;
  4. Communicate with managers and personnel how to prepare, implement and maintain key performance indicators that ensure higher efficiency in all departments of Administration, Management and Operations;
  5. Report indicators to the Vice President and discuss areas of possible improvement and development;
  6. Promote better communication and information exchange between individual departments
  7. Setup boundaries of responsibility to ensure more efficient and faster processing of workload;
  8. Engage with IT to transform existing solutions to new methodology and technology, and track progress and usability of planned applications;
  9. Develop dashboard and scorecard designed to evaluate and improve personnel motivation and skills;
  10. Perform statistical analysis, build predictive models, formulate decision process for administrative and operational procedures;
  11. Design and recommend procedure manuals, forms, and applications designed to train, educate and improve the work of managers and employees;





  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Business Management (Foreign degrees accepted);
  • 5 (five) years of managerial experience in business administration, logistics, and/or operations;



CONTACT: Qualified applicants to send resumes:

Attn.: Tihomir Copic,

50164 Pontiac Trail, Unit 2,

Wixom, MI 48393.